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Testimonials - Our friends say...



Bought: Teveel om op te noemen

"They are the experts when it comes to support and advice regarding products for our studio."

We have been visiting ToneControl for a while now. They are the experts when it comes to support and advice regarding products for our studio. We are very happy that they give us the opportunity to test products before they are released. This allows us to let them know what are the cool features of the devices and we also have earlier access to some products - and innovation is important as a producer. Together with ToneControl, we have improved the acoustics of our studio drastically. This makes us very happy, because with their tips/advice in combination with our vision, we have been able to achieve optimal results. We would also like to work with ToneControl to invest in the youth. By giving workshops in the future and creating other cool events, we hope we can help "the future". It's very awesome that they are open to this and of course we are looking forward to start this process.

  • Bernd Loorbach / Dirty Ztylerz

    Bernd Loorbach / Dirty Ztylerz

    As a producer/remixer, I strive for the highest quality for making mixes, remixes and Dance productions. I make my mix productions for ...

  • Dirtcaps


    We have been visiting ToneControl for a while now. They are the experts when it comes to support and advice regarding products for our ...

  • Egbert


    ToneControl is altijd up to date. Ik zie veel winkels maar bij ToneControl zie ik toch vaak weer net dat ene speciale nieuwe vage kastj...

  • Egbert-Jan Weeber

    Egbert-Jan Weeber

    I was going to buy a second Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK3, but because these devices are quite pricy, I started looking on Marktplaats first to ...

  • Irwan


    I am occasionally quite forgetful and, therefore, it sometimes happens that I forget about my elements after a performance. Usually, I ...

  • Lucky Charmes

    Lucky Charmes

    I can always count on ToneControl for the latest equipment for the lowest price! I never need to wait, everything is in stock and it's ...

  • Michel de Hey

    Michel de Hey

    ToneControl is the solution for me. I don't feel like scouring the Internet for the stuff I need. Here, I can find everything I need an...

  • Miss Djax

    Miss Djax

    I buy my DJ gear at Tonecontrol because I really like their customer treatment. They offer great stuff for good prices with an excellen...

  • Miss Melera

    Miss Melera

    Super happy with the guys of ToneControl!
    Very friendly and clearly a passion for the equipment they sell.
    Additionally, honest advi...

  • Patrick DSP

    Patrick DSP

    ToneControl.nl has the equipment I need, at prices I want and with a support staff, you really canít ask for a better music store to he...

  • Paul Hazendonk

    Paul Hazendonk

    I really love to buy my stuff at ToneControl as they are really helpful and know what they are talking about. I've ordered a second Pi...

  • Pete Miller

    Pete Miller

    As a DJ, I strive to get the best out of my music. This is possible thanks to Tonecontrol! After receiving some good and comprehensive ...

  • Rob Hes

    Rob Hes

    Super blij met ToneControl. Ze zijn erg snel met reageren op de email, wat voor mij erg belangrijk is. En altijd up to date met nieuwe ...

  • Ron van den Beuken

    Ron van den Beuken

    After I missed my record bag at the airport a few times I decided to switch to playing with CDs. Through the Internet I ended up at Ton...

  • Roog


    A big thank you to the guys at ToneControl.nl
    These guys hooked me up with brand new Pioneer DJ gear for a great price after some hood...

  • Rush


    As a Dj/Entertainer I do all my shopping at ToneControl, because of the Excellent Customer Service, Helpful buyers tip and I'm really e...

  • Sebastiaan Hooft

    Sebastiaan Hooft

    As a born perfectionist, the team of ToneControl has standardized me at PioneerDJ and Ableton. I speak with the team on a monthly basis...

  • Solano


    As a DJ and a producer of Trance productions, I try to entertain the crowd with my Trance Music Experience (TME) Mixes and Trance/Dance...

  • Sven & Tettero

    Sven & Tettero

    ToneControl is one of our favorite suppliers when it comes to equipment. We mostly purchased DJ gear and studio equipment at ToneContro...

  • The Vinyl Junk

    The Vinyl Junk

    As a professional DJ, you are looking for that one address, that one store where you can go for all of your DJ equipment, and of course...

  • Waxfiend


    Since I discovered ToneControl, it became my regular place to get equipment at a good price. From needles to Pioneer CD players, they h...