Misison & About us

Why ToneControl?

We believe that man and machine can reinforce one another. And that as a DJ or producer you can only show what you are made of when you are using the equipment that suits your needs, ambitions, and talents. Our challenge is to give you custom advice, not necessarily to sell the most popular or expensive equipment. Actually, we are not sellers, but matchmakers. Welcome to Tone Control!

What we do and how?

The reason why we are ToneControl, has implications for the way we work and what we do. It means that we like to share our experience with our customers and learn from them, we treat our customers as we would want to be treated ourselves and that we wish to make money with our activities, but besides offering the lowest price we also want to deliver excellent quality. We do this with the utmost respect for people and the environment (read here what we mean by corporate social responsibility) because we want to have fun in our work without any unnecessary negative consequences for humans and the environment, near or far