Arturia MiniBrute synthesizer keyboard

The new mini-sample of Arturia. This time it in unexpected directions. Arturia, known digatale versions, comes with a real, 100% analog synth.
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Video Arturia MiniBrute synthesizer keyboard

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Arturia MiniBrute synthesizer keyboard

Specificaties Arturia MiniBrute synthesizer keyboard

The Mini Brute is equipped with 25 keys and various filters, oscillators, attack, sustain, decay and many more features.

It is equipped with several interesting applications to create your own sound. The Mini Brute includes a supersaw, arpeggios with swing, Control Voltage and MIDI. Its compact size allows it to apply to any studio furniture

Details Arturia MiniBrute synthesizer keyboard

- Analog synthesizer

- Steiner Parker multimode filter (LP, BP, HP, Notch)

- Voltage Controlled Oscillator oscillator with Sub-

- Oscillator Mixer (Sub, Sawtooth, Square, Triangle, White Noise)

- LFO1 with 6 waveforms and bi-polar modulation

- LFO2 vibrato with 3 modes

- Brute Factor delivers satiety and rich harmonies

- Ultrasaw for sawtooth-shaped waveforms

- Metalizer for extreme triangle harmonies

- Two ADSR Envelope Generators

- 25-note keyboard with aftertouch

- Robust aluminum housing

- External analog audio input

- Control Voltage input, for Pitch, Gate, Vilter, Amp

- MIDI in / out via 5-pin DIN

- USB MIDI In ​​/ Out

- 6.35mm jack audio output

- 6.35mm jack headphone output

- Gate Source selection: audio input, hold, keyboard

- Tap Tempo function

- Tempo button

- Pitch and modulation wheel

- MIDI Sync

- Dimensions: 325 x 390 x 70 mm

- Weight: 4 kg