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The versatility of the C 1000 S MKIV makes this an extremely popular model, and one ideally suited for all kinds of recording and live sound applications. More information »

The AKG C414 XLII is a versatile condenser microphone with no less than 9 different polar patterns More information »

The Aston Origin is a condensor mic for vocals, but is also really suitable for recording instruments. More information »

The Aston SPIRIT is a high-performance, switchable pattern, microphone utilizing a 1” gold evaporated capsule. A switch on the mic body selects from Omni, Cardioid or Figure-of-Eight polar patterns. More information »

The Aston Starlight is the first ever laser targeting pencil microphone, allowing for recall of mic position in studio use, and incredibly quick and easy set up in live applications. More information »

Looking for a condenser microphone that is good for both vocals and acoustic instruments? Then the AT2020USB+ is what you're looking for. More information »

Audio Technica's AT2020USBi is a very high quality microphone that is also useful with iOS. More information »

The Berhringer C-1U is a digital home recording or podcasting enthusiast’s dream coming true. So are you looking for a professional microphone, the Behringer C-1U will be the perfect option for you. More information »

Want to start producing, and you want to make a good start? Focusrite has brought us this amazing bundle! More information »

Marantz PM-1000 studio microphone is a high quality condenser microphone which comes with windscreen, shock mount, tripod and XLR cable. More information »

The MPM-2000 professional condenser microphone boasts a specially-engineering internal circuit design optimized for smooth frequency response, high sensitivity, low noise and wide dynamic range. More information »

Marantz Professional condenser microphones deliver the high-quality, accurate audio needed for critical recording applications. More information »

The MPM-3500R is a high-quality ribbon microphone that faithfully captures every sound from the subtle nuances of stringed instruments to rock vocals and percussion. More information »

The MXL 990 remains one of the industry's most ground-breaking microphones. More information »

The KM 184 (cardioid) in particular has become the classic high-quality miniature microphone. Now also available in attractive stereo sets, with cardioid, hypercardioid or omni directional characteristics. More information »

The Reloop Spod is a convenient and economical podcast microphone with built-in sound card to record directly and stream. More information »

Do you want to record your own podcast or comment under your YouTube video, then the sPod Platinum produced by Reloop will be the perfect option. More information »

Met de Reloop sPodcaster is het mogelijk om audiobestanden te produceren en aan te bieden aan de podcast gemeenschap. More information »

The RØDE K2 is the result of designing and building 1000's of valve microphones. More information »

The M3 is an extremely versatile microphone that is at home in the studio, on location, or wherever a low-noise wide-response cardioid condenser microphone is demanded. More information »

The Rode NT-USB is a pretty studiomicrophone to record speech or vocals. The Rode NT-USB ensures near-zero latency, a popfilter is included as well. More information »

The RØDE NT1-A has become an industry standard; delivering the warmth, extended dynamic range, clarity and high SPL capability usually only featured by some of the most expensive microphones. Now available as the 'Complete Vocal Recording Solution' this NT1-A package now includes everything you need to get truly pro... More information »

The NT1 is a revolutionary new 1" diagphram condenser microphone from RØDE. More information »

The NT1-A studiomicrophone kit is a perfect package to expand your studio to a home recording solution. The NT-1A is a legendary microphone used in many professional studio's nowadays. More information »

The Rode NT2-A expands the tradition of the Rode NT2: a professional studio microphone with three pick up patterns, PAD and high pass filter switches on the microphone body. More information »

Deze condensator zangmicrofoon is naast buhne-microfoon ook heel geschikt als overhead. Het cardioide karakter heeft een frequentiebereik van 20Hz tot 20kHz. Ook is hij ideaal, dankzij zijn lineaire karakter voor het opnemen van akoestische instrumeten of kleine zanggroepen. De NT3 werkt met interne batterij of op fant... More information »

The Stereo wonder. The NT4 solves the age-old problem of stereo recording by eliminating the need to purchase matched pairs and the associated complex set-up bars and adaptors to get professional results. With a fixed 90 Degree X/Y configuration and perfectly matched stereo condenser capsules, the NT4 lets you recor... More information »

The NT5 matched pairs are a masterpiece of small-diaphragm cardioid-condenser microphone design. Intended for recording acoustic instruments, drum overheads, cymbals and live performances, the compact externally polarized mic employs a 1/2" capsule, an active J-FET impedance converter with bipolar output buffer. ... More information »

RØDE Microphones heeft onlangs de bestaande NTG-3 professional shotgun microphone in een nieuw jasje gestoken. De NTG-3 is nu ook leverbaar in het zwart! More information »

The Rode NTG4 is the successor of the well known NTG1, with the new design the operation has become easier resulting in a fast to set up mic. More information »

Red NTR ribbon microphone is a professional studio ribbon microphone with huge clear and honest sound, designed for the best audio recordings. More information »

The Rode Podcaster USB microphone is a perfect mic for recording for podcasts or YouTube videos. More information »

The Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro is a high quality stereo videomic suitable for recording music or recording at events. More information »

The Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro Rycote is a stereo mic with Rycote Lyre shock mount for added stability. More information »

De Samson C01 is een zeer betaalbare 19mm grootmembraan condensator microfoon met een met een richtinggevoelig (cardioïde) opnamepatroon. More information »

The Samson C01U Pro is Samson C01U's big brother that makes it possible to record in high quality easily. More information »

recording/podcast pakket met C01USB microfoon in flightcase More information »

set van 2 pencil condensator microfoons (matched pair) More information »

De Samson C02S is een pencil condensator microfoon (pijpje). Deze microfoon heeft een prachtige vormgeving en is uitstekend geschikt voor zowel de opname van akoestische instrumenten, cymbals, percussie, piano of als overhead microfoon. More information »

19mm "multi-pattern" grootmembraan studio condensator microfoon More information »

De C03U USB is een multipattern USB studio grootmembraan microfoon. More information »

recording/podcast pakket met C03USB microfoon in flightcase More information »

USB microfoon vernieuwing van Samson: de G-Track. Het is de eerste USB microfoon met ingebouwde audio interface en mixer. De G-Track is een grootmembraan studio condensator microfoon die plug-and-play aan te sluiten is op iedere computer en garant staat voor geweldige opnames van vocalen en instrumenten. More information »

USB studio microfoon met audio input en monitoring output + HP10 headphones + SP04 shockmount More information »

The Samson MTR231A is a completely new design studio microphone with a 1 inch gold-sputtered condenser element with three selectable recording patterns: cardioid, omni and figure 8. The MTR231A comes with shock mount, pop filter and carrying case. More information »

"Velocity Ribbon" microfoon More information »

2 x sE Electronics sE5 condensator microfoon + mounting bar + flightcase More information »

The G3500 is derived from the Gemini II, using the same superb, hand crafted, capsule, and a 'built to scale' chassis, but as a FET only version. More information »

grootmembraan 'dual tube design' condensator microfoon More information »

actieve Ribbon microfoon van Rupert Neve en sE electronics More information »

The RNT is sE's new flagship large-diaphragm condenser microphone, and proudly stands alongside the RNR1 and RN17 in being some of the finest and most unique microphones ever produced. More information »

The sE Electronics X1 D is well suited to capture sounds with a fast 'attack'. Like a vocal where the P and T sounds should be recorded optimally, or percussive sounds like drums, bongos, Congo's, pots , pans, bottles etc. This large diaphragm condenser microphone is characterized by its high quality sound recording, s... More information »

Are you looking for rich, detailed harmonics in your recordings? The sE Electronics X1 T got you covered. There's nothing quite like the sound of a tube condenser microphone, especially on such exposed and natural sound sources as vocals and acoustic guitars. There's also nothing quite like the amazing handmade constru... More information »

Since the original sE Electronics 2200a hit the market it has been used by countless artists on countless albums. This sE2200 continues this tradition in stylish black. More information »

Since the original sE Electronics 2200a hit the market it has been used by countless artists on countless albums. This sE2200 II MP continues this tradition in stylish black with a multi-pattern recording possibility for even more versatile usage. More information »

The sE2200a II C Carioid microphone uses a hand-crafted, 1" gold sputtered diaphragm, based on the original sE 2200a capsule. More information »

Since the original sE Electronics 2200a hit the market it has been used by countless artists on countless albums. This sE2200a C II continues this tradition in stylish black. More information »

The 4400a is vintage versatility at its finest. Four polar patterns, a vintage-style brass capsule, two bass cuts and two pads, and the most adaptable shockmount around - the 4400a is pure modern classic. More information »

When purchased as a pair, the capsules are factory-matched for perfect tolerance, guaranteeing the best possible stereo image. This configuration also includes a precision stereo mounting bar and two of the the sE4400a's custom shock mounts. The whole setup comes packaged inside a secure flight case. More information »

The sE Electronics sE 5 is the ideal microphone for recording instruments. The sE5 builds forward on the success of the sE4 microphone, that was enormously populair. More information »

This mic is the ultimate combination of solid state performance and versatility. Based on the chassis and feature spec of the acclaimed 4400a, but with the highly specialised capsule of the original Titan, it delivers full and perfectly balanced mid and low frequencies, while its Titanium capsule produces un-hyped but ... More information »

USB studio grootmembraan microfoon met monitor/mix uitgang More information »

De sE X1 is een imposante, fantastisch klinkende full-range grootmembraan microfoon met laag-af filter en -10db verzwakker. Deze vriendelijk geprijsde home/project studio mic is geheel volgens de sE Electronics norm met de hand en volgends de hoogste productie normen gebouwd en ontworpen en klinkt fantastisch. De sE X1... More information »

The sE Electronics X1 A is a quality studio microphone with unparalleled value for money. More information »

Uitstekende studiokwaliteit ribbon mic van sE Electronics gebaseerd op de populaire sE X1. More information »

The sE Electronics X1 S is the successor to the popular X1 with some great improvements! More information »

The sE Electronics X1 Studio bundle S is a convenient bundle to immediately start making great recordings! More information »

The sE Electronics X1 S vocal pack is a studiobundle consisting of the popular X1 S microphone with shockmount, popfilter and cable. More information »

The sE Electronics X1 USB microphone combines the power of the regular sE Electronics X1 with the flexibility of USB recording. This makes the X1 even more handy without loss of any soundquality. More information »

Deze sE Electronics X1 is een handmade condensatormicrofoon. Met een 1 inch diafragma is deze van het grootmembraamtype. More information »

The Se Electronics X1-A Bundle is ideal for starting producers on a budget. With this pakkage you'll just need a soundcard with 48+ fantom power and a DAW running to record clear sounds More information »

The sE Electronics X1R is an excellent mic for a usage professional studio. The full-range quality of this mic is very good, also available is a low-cut filter and -10 dB pad, simply amazing. More information »

high-end grootmembraan 'multi-pattern tube condensor' microfoon. De Z5600a II is de buizen uitvoering van de Z3300a. Deze 12AX7 buis voegt aan de prachtige karakteristiek nog nét dat ene beetje extra toe. More information »

The super-cardioid e 614 is a permantly polarized condenser microphone designed for demanding applications which require a wide frequency response, high SPL, fast transient response and a compact design. With its frequency response of 40 Hz to 20 kHz, the e 614 is able to capture the full sound of the instrument, while... More information »

The e 904 is a cardioid dynamic instrument microphone especially designed for drums. More information »

The supercardioid e 906 instrument microphone was especially designed for guitar amplifiers, but it is also an excellent choice for percussion and brass instruments. More information »

Complete microphone set for live performances. More information »

Professional quality cardioid condenser microphone for home, project, and professional studios. A 1” true condenser capsule produces powerful warm sound. Highly sensitive. Ideal for vocals, and acoustic instruments. More information »

The Sennheiser MK 8 is the perfect microphone for people that work with a lot of passion! More information »

The MK 4 digital is a must-have microphone for the home studio and in mobile recording, whether in the rehearsal room or on the road. More information »

The Shure Beta 91A is a capacitor microphone suitable for recording sounds in the low-frequency spectrum with a high SPL (such as kickdrums). More information »

The KSM141 is a premium condenser microphone with a unique rotating collar that allows for easy switching between cardioid or true omnidirectional polar pattern More information »

Looking for a high quality condenser microphone to record all your vocals, instruments or whatever you want in professional quality? The Shure KSM32 is what you're looking for. More information »

With iOS and USB connectivity, the MV51 delivers studio-quality audio with the versatility and control of five DSP preset recording modes and latency-free headphone monitoring. More information »

The Shure PG 42 microphone is a large diaphragm recording microphone that guarantees Shure quality in the studio. Also, the mic comes with shock mount. More information »

The Shure PG 42 USB microphone is a powerful and user-friendly USB microphone that also works plug and play! More information »

The Shure PG27USB is a large membrane microphone with built-in USB amplifier. This microphone allows you to use USB directly on the computer to record. More information »

The PGA27 is a professional quality instrument microphone with an updated industrial design that features a black metallic finish and grille offering an unobtrusive visual presence. More information »

Very popular and loved in radio and recording studios. The Shure SM7B studio microphone is perfect for vocals and speech recordings thanks to his flat, soft-shaped frequency-range. And thanks to his "cardioid" pattern, the mic will only record the sound that it is focused on, which is ideally in a radio and / or record... More information »

The Shure SM81 is a condenser microphone for recording acoustic instruments like pianos, guitars and cymbals. More information »

Een Dynamische cardioid zangmicrofoon gemaakt in de stijl van jaren '50/'60-stijl. Deze mic met Chrome hoogglans zal zeker stijlvol staan in je studio. More information »

Looking for Skype, voice or vlog microphone? The Tie Studio Broadcast Mic is the ideal choice. More information »

The Tie Studio Condenser USB Studio Microphone is the perfect solution for recording vocals, podcasts, lessons or samples. Additionally it comes with a spider shock mount! More information »

Tie Studio Condensor Mic USB Silver More information »

"The Flamingo" is intended for the highest level of recording studio applications. It is a superb vocal and instrument microphone, limited in application only by it's large physical size. More information »

The Vonyx CM400 is a powerful yet affordable studio condenser microphone, included are a shockmount and cable. More information »

The WA-47 is an all vacuum tube, large diaphragm, transformer balanced, multi-pattern (9), large condenser microphone, More information »

The WA-47jr is an FET transformerless version of the highly renowned classic ‘47 microphone. More information »

The classic ‘87 is arguably the most widely-used large diaphragm condenser microphone in pop recording history. Rather than base our WA-87 circuit on current incarnations of this mic, we decided to closely follow the early circuit designs that date back nearly half a century. More information »