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Allen & Heath has launched the LEDlamp, an 18" 4-pin XLR gooseneck console lamp containing a built-in thumbwheel dimmer. The stylish lamp replaces traditional filament console lamps with more user friendly cool white light and has the additional advantages of lower heat discharge and less current draw. The lamp is comp... More information »

The Xone:PB patchbay is a 1U rack size, passive interface box, designed to simplify the task of connecting encoded vinyl replay systems to installed mixers without the need to re-patch, providing a quick and easy solution to set changes in busy club line ups. More information »

The Audient ASP 800 is a professional microphone preamplifier with 8 world class Audient preamp, 2 retro channels and 2 instrument inputs. More information »

You don't have to worry about the quality of your recordings anymore, and if it's all connected in the right way, whether the audio's right... Using the Audient ASP 880 preamp you can focus on the music. More information »

The audient ASP 510 surround sound controller is a console to make perfect mixes and recording for professional movies etcetera. More information »

The compact, flexible AMP800 can power up to eight pairs of headphones and up to 2 different stereo mixes. More information »

Behringer DEQ2496 Ultra Curve Pro - digital mastering processor with 4 selectable EQ modules More information »

The Behringer Digital Snake S-16 is a digitale I/O with network connectors to enhance the speed of your system. The S16 has 16 mic pre amps and eight returns. More information »

Automatic Feedback Destroyer with Integrated Microphone Preamp, Delay Line, Noise Gate and Compressor. More information »

Behringer FBQ1502 Ultragraph Pro ultra-musical 15-band stereo graphic EQ with FBQ feedback detection system - 19" rack/1U  More information »

Behringer FBQ3102 Ultragraph Pro, ultra-musical 31-band stereo graphic EQ with FBQ feedback detection system, 19", 2HE  More information »

The flagship of the entire FBQ series, the ULTRAGRAPH PRO FBQ6200 is an ultra-musical 31-band stereo graphic equalizer that goes the distance to offer a maximum in performance and flexibility in both live and studio applications. More information »

Even the best sound system can benefit from the use of a good EQ like the FBQ800. More information »

The compact, flexible HA400 can power up to four pairs of headphones and up to four independent volumes. More information »

* Professional multi-purpose headphones amplifier system for stage and studio applications * Eight totally independent stereo high-power amplifier sections in one rack space * Two stereo main inputs for two independent mixes, accessible from all eight channels * Eight independent direct inputs provid... More information »

The MULTICOM PRO-XL MDX4600 gives you four channels of first-class dynamic control in a single rack space. With a multitude of new features like the advanced program-adaptive expander gate, extensive metering plus a variety of configuration options, the MULTICOM PRO-XL puts a lot of dynamic processing power in your rac... More information »

All condensatormics need phantompower, the PS400 by Behringer is a compact and cheap solution More information »

Phono voorversterker om het geluid van een draaitafel te versterken. More information »

Ultra High-Precision Digital 24-Bit/96 kHz Loudspeaker Management System More information »

The Behringer MX882 ULTRALINK PRO 8-Channel Splitter/Mixer Level Conditioner/Converter. More information »

The Behringer X Air X12 Digital Mixer is a compact but very powerful digital mixing tool for studio or live use. The X12 has 4 MIDAS mic preamps and integrated WiFi module. More information »

The X32 Rack is a Behringer Rack that combines analog in and out with digital connectivity. This rack opens up all possibilities. More information »

Extensive licensing requirements? With te arrival of the Dateq SPL6, this will not be a problem anymore! More information »

The secret to making speakers sound great lies with the crossover you use. With the dbx® 223xs Crossover you'll get great performance, ultra low-noise, rugged reliability and four decades of dbx knowledge and expertise in building the world's finest processors. More information »

DBX 231 graphic equalizer, 2 x 31 Band Constant Q Filter, Internal Powersupply More information »

The DBX DriveRack PA2 loudspeaker management system is ideal for protecting and enhancing your speakers. The PA2 has everything you need. More information »

8-kanaals high-end microfoon voorversterker More information »

single-channel microfoon preamp met D.I. en monitor functie More information »

2-channel ADAT/AES/SPdif 24b/192k A/D card voor ISA One en ISA 430 mkII More information »

Do you need a couple of amplifiers? This Focusrite is the ideal solution! More information »

high-end modulaire recording audio processor More information »

The legendary RED preamps by Focusrite are back in a compact lunchbox format. The same design and the same components are used. The ultimate succes formula! More information »

RedNet 5 is the latest addition to the RedNet family of networked audio interfaces from Focusrite. Connecting to your Pro Tools HD system via DigiLink, RedNet 5 allows you to use the low-latency performance of your Pro Tools HD cards alongside RedNet's audio interfaces to configure a powerful and flexible recording and... More information »

The RedNet is the professional audio network system with DanteTM network technology made by the well-known Focusrite. More information »

The iRig Multimedia Pre is a microphone preamp and interface for Apple iPods, iPads iPhones or Android devices. More information »

Lexicon MX200 stereo effects processor - 2 independent internal processors, 24bit converter More information »

Lexicon MX400 Multi-FX - 17 legendary Lexicon reverbs, delays & modulation effects More information »

De Big Knob van Mackie is een simpele, maar krachtige desktop audio control center die producers en sound-engineers in staat stelt om in 4 manieren aan de slag te gaan met de muziek. Dit zijn achtereenvolgend: Level Control, Studio Monitor selectie, Input Source selectie en Talkback & Headphone Control. More information »

The Mackie Big Knob Passive is a small but powerful display controller with two sources, two outputs and a variety of useful functions. More information »

The Monkey Banana Banana D. I. box is a professional DI box to be used against pops, hums, hisses and clicks during professional stage performances. More information »

De Aerobix is een basic maar goed klinkende stille 1 He Rackmixer, perfect voor simpele voorversterkings doeleinden zoals b.v Aerobix, restaurants etc. More information »

The Nowsonic monitor switcher is a passive monitor controller to adjust the volume of wo sets of speakers in a studio setup More information »

The Presonus Monitor Station V2 is a handy monitor controller for studio usage. With the Monitor Station V2 you can use multiple sources and three different types op speakers with an individual volume. More information »

30 cm lang lampje, gemonteerd op een knijper met dimmer, wordt compleet met adapter geleverd. More information »

De DQ2000 is een 2x 20 bands -15 /+15 dB digitale equalizer in een compacte 1he behuizing. More information »

De Q162 is een 1/3 octaaf, 2 x 31 bands Grafische Stereo Equalizer met Constant Q in een 2he 19" behuizing. More information »

30cm lang lampje gemonteerd op een 3 polige XLR connector More information »

The Rane BB22 Balance Buddy is a handy professional-grade tool used to provide isolation for, and conversion of, unbalanced consumer level RCA outputs up to balanced professional XLR inputs. More information »

Rane has replaced the HAL3 model with the updated HAL3s. The HAL3s does everything the HAL3 did, and more! More information »

The ideal equipment light can be applied to any even surface. With stepless dimmer and mains adapter. More information »

The OctaMic XTC is one of the most versatile RME Interfaces ever built. The OctaMic XTC is an advanced 8 channel mic / line / instrument preamplifier with Autoset function and 192 kHz/24-bit A / D conversion. It is remote controlled with MIDI via USB, DIN and MADI. More information »

De Quadmic II van RME is een 4-kanaals microfoon voorversterker van de allerhoogste kwaliteit. More information »

The Rupert Neve 5051 Shelford EQ / Compressor is a Rupert Neve-designed EQ / Compressor with great sound quality. More information »

The Rupert Neve 5052 Mic Preamp / Inductor EQ is a microphone preamp and EQ inductor with great sound quality. More information »

The Rupert Neve 5059 Satellite is known for its warm, rich sound. The Satellite has 16 channels with individual controls. More information »

Rupert Neve Portico 5024's is a 4-channel microphone preamp with the famous, legendary Rupert Neve sound. The transformers of the Portico 5024 are based on that of the best-selling 5012. More information »

The Rupert Neve Portico 5045 is a two-channel device that reduces feedback. Microphones can get 20dB gain with less feedback. More information »

The Rupert Neve Portico II Channel is a 2U Channel Strip compressor / limiter with line in, mic in, 4-band EQ and more. More information »

The Rupert Neve Portico II Master Buss Processor is a powerful dual compressor / limiter with warm Rupert Neve sound, feed forward / back modes, and Peak / RMS compressor modes. More information »

The Rupert Neve RNDI is a high-quality DI box that provides multiple needs. Due to the DI, the sound is transformed, the impedance is converted, it amplifies the signal and balances it. More information »

De Samson Powerstrip is een professionele spanningsverdeler en stabilisator. De Powerstrip voorziet in zowel de stabilisatie als piekbeveiliging (spike clamping) van de spanning alsmede RMI/EFI filtering. More information »

2-kanaals compressor/limiter/gate/expander/enhancer/de-esser/peak-limiter More information »

professionele 4-kanaals compressor/limiter/expander/gate More information »

De Samson S-Patch plus is een duurzaam 19 inch professioneel patchpaneel in een fraaie blauwe uitvoering. De S-Patch plus is voorzien van 48 x 1/4 inch hoge kwaliteit jack connectoren en is volledig gebalanceerd. De S-Patch plus kan door middel van de frontschakelaars zowel voor normal, half-normal als through gebr... More information »

4-kanaals stereo koptelefoon versterker voor 12 koptelefoons More information »

Engineered specifically for the thousands of production environments using Cubase worldwide, CC121 interfaces the creativity of musicians and producers with the functional complexity of the world's most popular music production system. More information »

TASCAM's best-selling line of single-rackspace CD players has been updated to the CD-500. The CD-500 is a slot-loading CD player with a new transport, featuring brushless motors and an edge-grabbing mechanism to prevent disc damage. More information »

The TASCAM TA-1VP vocal processor was co-developed with Antares Audio Technologies to bring together everything you need for a polished, modern vocal sound. The rackmount processor includes a microphone preamp, compression, de-essing, microphone & tube modeling and Antares' world-famous Auto-Tune™ pitch correction. More information »

tc electronic FINALIZER 96K Studio Mastering Processor, Gain Maximizer More information »

Combining best-selling vocal effects, VLOOP™ performance vocal looping and a uniquely addictive ‘touch’ interface, VoiceLive® Touch is truly the first instrument for your voice. More information »

The Universal Audio 6176 Channel Strip is a classic, powerful compressor / microphone preamplifier combination with characteristic sound. More information »

The award-winning 710 Twin-Finity is a radically new UA mic preamp design that combines both the classic retro warmth of tubes with the transient bite of solid-state, all in a 2U, half-rack unit. More information »

The All-Tube 610 Console Mic Preamp Sound in a Rugged “Go Anywhere” Design. More information »

Vestax MMM-05 microphone for the Vestax PBS-4 broadcasting set. More information »

The Warm Audio EQP-WA Tube EQ is a recreation of the famous Pulteq Tube Equalizer and not only has the same looks but also provides a great warm sound. More information »

The TB12 Hot Audio microphone preamplifier is a microphone preamp that colors the sound from different sources in a very pleasant way. More information »

The Warm Audio WA-2A is a top notch optical compressor for a great price! More information »

The Warm Audio WA12 microphone preamplifier is a professional mic preamp, now in "500" version perfect for a fixed installation. More information »

The Warm Audio WA12 microphone preamplifier is a professional mic preamp that makes warmer the sound of instruments and microphones and resists more depth. More information »

The Warm Audio WA76 is an exact copy of the legendary UREI 1176, used by lots of artists. The Urei features a unique sound and has been used by lots of artists. The WA76 features this same unique sound. More information »