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Control your lights wirelessly with the ADJ LED RC3. This remote can handle any task and offers an easy interface so you can focus on your performance instead of finding the right button. Eliminate any hassle by setting the right mood and use this remote to create a stunning show. More information »


D-Fi 2.4GHz is the latest addition to the D-Fi family of easy to use, wireless DMX units which can function as either a transmitter or receiver. More information »

The Chauvet Data Stream 4 is a universal DMX-512 optical splitter. He splits the incoming signals. More information »

The DMX-4 Dimmer/Relay pack is a 4-channel unit featuring two Edison plugs per channel, with each channel independently addressable. More information »

Makkelijk de Chauvet COLORstrip besturen met de Chauvet LED-FS1 Foot Controller. More information »

The Chauvet Obey™ 10 is an ideal controller which has 8, 16 channels. More information »

Obey™ 3 is a compact DMX controller for LED lights with three channels (red, green and blue only). More information »

It’s a compact DMX controller for LED wash lights with 3- or 4-channel. Easy to mix up your colors. An ideal machine which is easy to use, and to take quick control over your LED lamps. More information »

The Obey 40 is the bigger brother from the Obey 10. This Obey 40 has even more capabilities and is a little bit bigger. More information »

The Chauvet Obey 70 takes the power of big DMX controllers and puts it in a small form factor. More information »

PowerStream™ 4 is an ingenious splitter for powerCON® connections. Placed into the main power feed, it taps into up to five connections out to fixtures, allowing users to pre-rig a truss and limit the need for additional cables. More information »

The Stage Designer™ 50 takes the size of a 24-channel dimming console and the functionality of a 48- channel console and combines the two into one powerful dimming unit. The Stage Designer™ 50 has up to 8 pages with 12 scenes each and 96,000 programmable steps. The console allows the user to re-assign channels as neede... More information »

The XPress™ 100 provides a USB to DMX interface for up to 100 DMX channels. It allows for an unlimited number of shows when connected to a computer, but lacks the stand-alone abilities of other ShowXpress interface units. More information »

The Xpress 512 is a DMX-512, USB-powered lighting controller that connects multiple interfaces for more lighting universes. Either playback one show without a computer or play unlimited light shows with a Windows or Mac operating system. Small enough to fit in a side backpack pocket and lightweight enough that you'll f... More information »

The wireless infrared remote that functions with Xpress-512. This handy remote is easy to use, stands out and makes your lighting shows a breeze! More information »

Beginning or experienced lightprogrammer; using the Cuelux DMX software you're always up to date. The populair software is based on the Cuelist system that's integrated in lots of light devices. More information »

10-kanaals schakelpaneel * Fully cabled case with 10 safety-sockets * For 16 A safety-plug * 10 switches with flash-buttons * 10 fuseholders with 5 A More information »

Showtec DJ Switch 6 More information »

Skytec DMX-240 controller 154.090 More information »