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The ADJ Fog Fury Jett is a high velocity vertical Fog Machine that mixes color into the fog from 12x 3-Watt LEDs (3 x Red, 3 x Blue, 3 x Green & 3 x Amber).  With new advances in ADJ’s heater technology, the Fog Fury Jett produces a dry even blast of fog over 25 feet (7 meters) in the air. More information »

The ADJ VF400 very compact, 400W mobile Fog Machine that is great for mobile entertainers, and small nightclubs and bars that want to add atmosphere to their events, plus it allows people to see the beams from the lighting fixtures. More information »

Increase the atmosphere at your party by adding smell with the BeamZ Smoke Machine Perfume. More information »

The Beamz S1200 MKII Smoke Machine is a smoke machine 1200W for a nice party in smaller spaces. The tank has a capacity of 900 ml. More information »

De Beamz S1500 is een 1500 watt rookmachine met een grote rookontwikkeling. Uitgerust met timerbediening of aan te sturen via DMX. More information »

A DMX controlled fog machine with a high smoke production. Equipped with a high quality 1800W heating element and a built-in 2.5L reservoir for smoke fluid. More information »

This Beamz S2000 fog machine features a whopping 24 Tri-Color LEDs which allows a cool flame effect to be created. The S2000 can be placed either horizontally or vertically and is designed for permanent installation as well as drive-in shows. More information »

The Beamz s500 smoke machine is a compact 500W fog machine for small spaces, equipped with smokefluid and remote control. More information »

The Beamz S500 is a compact smoke machine for smaller spaces such as bars. The smoke machine comes with 250 ml of smoke fluid so you can get started right away. More information »

Looking for a cool smoke machine with unique effect? This Beamz S500PC is a transparent fog machine with two built-in RGB LEDs. More information »

Compact Beamz S700 LED fogger with flame-effect. Remote control supplied! More information »

Beamz 'S900 fog machine is a small but powerful 900W smoke machine with 990ml reservoir. This effect machine is perfect for use or installation in smaller spaces. More information »

The Beamz Smoke Fluid high-density is a smokefluid from high quality, is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. More information »

Beamz Smokefluid standard 1L Rookvloeistof More information »

De Beamz Smokefluid standard 1L Rookvloeistof High Density is een rookvloeistof in 1L flacon met hoge dichtheid. Bovendien milieuvriendelijk en biologisch afbreekbaar. More information »

5 liter rookvloeistof van Beamz voor rookmachines.. More information »

Looking for replacement fluid for a snow machine? The Beamz Snow Fluid 5L is a vial containing 5 liters of fluid. More information »

The Beamz SNOW900 Snowblower is a Snow Machine for a fun Christmas party and is not expensive! More information »

Chauvet BJ-5 bubble machine vloeistof 5 liter More information »

The CHAUVET® Bubble King™ is the largest name in bubble effects, featuring 3 double wands, a manual bubble button, and extremely high output. When you need bubbles for a large area, or complete bubble coverage of an area, this is as good as it gets. More information »

De Chauvet Bubble machine is Chauvets mid-level bubble machine, ontworpen voor grotere gebieden. More information »

Geyser P6 creates a dynamic and safe pyrotechnic-like effect without the use of any toxic chemicals, fire or heavy CO2 canisters. Achieve beautiful color mixing with Penta-color LED (RGBA+UV) technology so bursts of fog take on exciting illumination possibilities. Instant on/off technology means precise timing and cue ... More information »

The FC-T is a remote control designed to work with most CHAUVET® fog machines. Three LED indicators display timer on/off, continuous fog on/off and whether the machine is ready or heating. Two rotary knobs set interval and duration times. More information »

The FC-W is a wireless remote control designed to activate up to four CHAUVET® fog machines independently (separate receivers for additional foggers are required). Two LED indicators display whether the machine is ready or heating. More information »

Fog cleaning solution cleanses heater core which increases fog machine life and performance Increases output and life expectancy of any fog machine when used regularly Formulated specifically for use in all water-based machines Approved for use in any CHAUVET fog machine More information »

Chauvet GJ-5 rookvloeistof More information »

High Density Fog Fluid (HDF) More information »

Smoke fluid for the Chauvet Hurricane smoke machine. More information »

The Chauvet Hurricane 700 has Power and current of 471 Watt. with a build in 0.6 liter tank. The Chauvet Hurricane 700 has a heat up time of only 3 minutes. More information »

Deze lichtgewicht en compacte rookmachine zorgt voor een rokerige sfeer tijdens een geweldige show! More information »

Hurricane™ Haze 2D is a water-based haze machine with continuous output and a digital display to set DMX and stand alone functions with ease. It features adjustable blower output speeds and nozzle to get the haze where you need it. The low fluid indicator gives a warning before running out of fluid. An included wired, ... More information »

Nimbus™ is a professional dry ice machine which produces thick, white fog that hugs the floor and dissipates without rising. This powerful machine heats enough water to create fog from 10lbs of dry ice to provide 6 minutes of run time. Output and flow are easily controlled, thanks to an adjustable multi-level control a... More information »

Smoke fluid, suitable for most smoke machines. More information »

MARQ's Fog 400 is an affordable and powerful 400 watt fogger with three LED lights and a stylish blue appearance. More information »

This MARQ Fog 400 is truly unique in its class with a 400 watt fogger and three built-in LEDs. In addition, of course, the color is irresistible! More information »

Looking for an affordable fogger with a cool effect? This FOG400 is equipped with a 400 watt fogger and three LEDs for a unique display. More information »

This MARQ Fog 400 is a powerful and compact effect machine with 400 Watt power. The powder coating creates a unique and stylish look. More information »

Fog vloeistof van Marq. 5 liter inhoud More information »

MARQ's Haze 700 is the perfect fog machine for medium areas. This machine can fill up to 40 cubic meters per minute and is equipped with a 1.2 meter liquid tank. More information »

Looking for a powerful, affordable smoke machine? This Haze 800 is provided with a 800 Watt hazer and a 1.2 liter fluid tank. More information »

Haze vloeistof van Marq. 5 liter inhoud More information »