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Dirtcaps Pioneer HRM-7 review

Op July 23, 2016 door Gastredacteur
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Dirtcaps Pioneer HRM-7 review

Not too long ago we asked Dirtcaps to review the popular Pioneer HRM-7 studio headphones.

Having always worked with the Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro, we were very curious about these new studio headphones by Pioneer. To be honest, we were quite skeptical when we received the new Pioneer HRM-7 from ToneControl for a thorough round of testing in the studio, also because we primarily knew Pioneer as a Pro DJ brand and not (yet) as a studio brand.

Against all odds, the HRM-7 appeared to be a sophisticated and robust headphones when we unpacked it. No out of place silver pieces of plastic and bold letters saying 'Pioneer' for example. Instead, a matte black closed headphones with velvet ear pads. The cable and headband are also thick and robust.

Pioneer HRM-7 kopen

Pioneer HRM-7 review:

For us, there are two points that are very important when it comes to headphones: Sound quality for mixing and ease of use while recording. The Pioneer HRM-7 reaches a high score in both areas. The sound quality is superb. The Pioneer scores points for both the high and low frequencies. The range of the Pioneer is enormous. Due to the fair sound output, the Pioneer is perfect for studio usage. You can hear absolutely every detail! The HRM-7 performs especially well when it comes to mixing vocals. Which brings us to recording. During the Vocal-sessions, the HRM performs very well thanks to the closed cups. There is barely any 'sound leakage' during recording. Furthermore, the headphone fits well on your head and the cable is long enough.

Final Verdict:

For a studio headphones, this Pioneer HRM-7 is a very good option in our opinion. The Pioneer scores almost better than the established brands in all areas. Additionally, the headphones is robust. In other words, definitely a good investment for the studio!

Take a look at, and order the Pioneer HRM-7 studiohoofdtelefoon here. Dirtcaps Pioneer HRM-7 review voor ToneControl Visit Dirtcaps.com for the current tour dates and links to their social media!